Saturday, January 16, 2016

9/21/2015 Some stuff...

Some stuff that happened this week:

We had family home evening with a family and taught about the 10 Commandments using hand signals - not sign language - that were often humorous. Alright, everyone! Guess what commandment number 9 is? *holds up eight fingers* (That's only eight fingers!) No, this is commandment number 9. We're holding up 9 fingers! *some small children start freaking out and try to tackle us* Thou shalt not bear false witness.

Our Tiwi Device, the little computer that monitors our driving and yells at us if we go too fast or "drive aggressively" (read: hit a pothole or have to slam on our brakes because the driver in front of us cut you off), wouldn't let us log in this week. We probably heard the phrase "no driver!" like a hundred times.

Gave something like 4 blessings.

Helped host an SPCA dog walk at our chapel in Orangeville.

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