Saturday, January 16, 2016

5/11/2015 Photos and email

We took a few photos today:

 Me standing in front of downtown Detroit.

 My new companion, Elder Nugent from Mapleton, Utah.

 Freedom! :P

 ​Me hugging an elephant.

Elder Nugent doing the same. 

We had an awesome lesson with A this week. We had already taught about the Restoration, God's plan for us, how we use Christ's Atonement in our life. She had been coming to church, reading, and praying about the Book of Mormon/Joseph Smith. Each time we've asked her, she would say she thought the Book of Mormon was true, but she wasn't quite sure. A lot of planning went into making sure our lesson with her was tailored to her needs. We taught about the distinct role of each member of the Godhead and about recognizing the Spirit. It was awesome having the lesson in a member's home and inviting them to share spiritual experiences. After quite a bit of testimony, we asked her how she felt when she prayed about the Book of Mormon, and she responded quietly, "I know it's true."

Thank you for the awesome letter!
Love you too!
-Elder Crye 

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