Saturday, January 16, 2016

4/27/2015 From Elder Gary Crye

Things are going good. I'm alive and well. No complaints here. :)

[Question was regarding when to skype for Mother's Day - Caralee Crye]
Ummm. That's a wonderful question. I emailed President about that today. Not quite sure what the situation is. Transfer calls are this upcoming Sunday night. Until then, I don't know what area I'll be in, let alone at whose house and when I'll be able to Skype. Between then and Mother's Day, there's only one preparation day, the very next Monday after transfer calls. If I get transferred, I won't arrive at the new area until Tuesday. That makes it pretty awkward to make arrangements since I might not be able to email between arrival at the new area and Mother's Day. On Christmas, they allowed us to make a short phone call home to confirm plans the day before (when I called the house phone, then Byron). I suspect something similar will happen this time. That, or I suspect next week I'll be able to email out sometime during the week to determine plans.

This week was pretty good. We've put a lot of emphasis on increasing the ward's sacrament meeting attendance in any way we can, since that's the most effective way to prepare people for the temple and that's the long-term goal. The ward's recently given us a lot of assignments to find and teach less-actives, so we've been working diligently to involve the ward council and home/visiting teachers in those efforts. We had a lot of less-active/recent-convert lessons bringing a church member with us this last week, with hopefully more to come this week.

Some of the people slated for baptism just dropped off the radar entirely this week. Hopefully they're still alive.

We got a pretty solid media referral this week that's now a progressing investigator. We're stoked about that.

Life is good!

Elder Crye

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