Saturday, January 16, 2016

8/4/2015 New area and photo

Orangeville's been good. The people here are super friendly. Even if they're not interested, most people are willing to chat with us for a while.

We whitewashed in (both of us are new to the area, no missionaries from Orangeville stayed). That's been pretty chaotic. Elder Anderson and I have had a good time figuring out what to do and where to go. We started with just an address to our new apartment, then we followed the bread crumbs from there. We're more-or-less situated now, but it took time just figuring out who was investigating the church in this area, how to contact them, etc.

It also turns out we're moving to a new apartment. That's been an adventure.

Life is good though. The ward here is great. I love Bishop Morton. He isn't just present in Ward Council, he really leads it.

Elder Anderson and I get along really well. Almost too well. We've been having trouble finishing nightly planning in half an hour since we like to joke around a little and we easily get on tangents. We're working on reining that in.

Here's a selfie Elder Anderson just took of us.

This week, we joined some recent converts from Orangeville to the temple. That was a great experience. You can definitely feel the Spirit very powerfully as baptisms and confirmations take place in proxy for those beyond the veil. As the scriptures would put it, the power of godliness is made manifest in the ordinances thereof. I love knowing that we can provide the opportunity for all to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We had another missionary join us for a day. Elder Bowler's companion had a medical situation that required a brief visit to Rochester, NY, so Elder Bowler stayed with us. His companion is doing well now.

The ward picnic was great.

Finally, we had a wonderful service opportunity pulling some weeds that had overgrown a ward member's backyard.

-Elder Crye

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