Saturday, January 16, 2016

6/1/2015 From Elder Gary Crye

This week we were praying for another family to teach - the last family we found seems to be avoiding our phone calls. :( We tracted near a member into this Native American woman, S, with a 3-year-old daughter. We taught her the Restoration, but she kept asking tangential questions, so the lesson was all over the place. That's always scary, because it's hard to tell if they've understood what we intended to teach. However, something (read: the Spirit) clearly got through to her. 

By our return appointment the following day, she had read through the pamphlet, the intro, the testimonies, and 1 Ne 1.  She expressed to us how much clearer the Book of Mormon was for her than the Bible, especially since she understood where it came from. We shared Alma 22, and it really clicked for her how King Lamoni's father's understanding of the Great Spirit reminded her of her own family.

By appointment #3, she read to 1 Ne 4. We were planning on sharing the Plan of Salvation in more depth, but for whatever reason, reasonable fellowshippers couldn't make it to the appointment, so we taught on her doorstep in the rain. About 20 minutes into the lesson, her boyfriend walks down the stairs past the door, and we ask her if we can come in and teach the whole family. She was so excited for that. We did a great HTBT where we explained that we were there to help people figure out if baptism is for them, and our role in helping them get there. It seems that's something they've been talking about. After teaching that baptism was a commandment, we were asked about the 10 Commandments - it seems they really wanted to know what those were all about, so we taught them. The Spirit was definitely there, and it seems they now have a pretty strong desire to get married.

Funny experience of the week: When S and her boyfriend told us how much more sense the 10 Commandments make coming out of the Book of Mormon rather than the Bible. They're identical [commandments].

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