Saturday, January 16, 2016

4/13/2015 From Elder Gary Crye - Photos

Here's the promised photos from last week. :)

Kelvin's baptism on April 4th - he's the one on the left of the photo.

Some of us eating at a nearby all-you-can-eat sushi joint between conference sessions Saturday morning.

That's Brother Meynders, who totally looks like he could be a mob boss, followed by his two bodyguards [us]... and the guy [server] that grabs the newspaper. :)

This last week's been interesting. I'm mailing a letter home this week. Trying out a few new things.
As a teaser, we gave some statements to the police. :)

The work here in Windsor is great!

Here's the view from where we park our car. Downtown Detroit is behind the trees off to the left. The weather's glorious right now.

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