Saturday, January 16, 2016

10/19/2015 New Transfer! My birthday yesterday


I found out I'm being transferred to North Bay tomorrow.

Birthday was great! Elder Anderson managed to get most of the ward to sing to me throughout the day. 

We got some snow flurries here on the 17th. Cars are nice and frosty in the morning. Snow hasn't stuck yet.

We should have a few baptisms coming up here in Orangeville in the next week or two.

Super short email due to a few things - packing and trying to figure out how to help a 9-year-old learn 5 lessons worth of stuff in a 1-hour visit, and figuring out who to bring with us on short notice on a Monday evening (when several families are doing FHE) after the first guy fell through.

Somewhat regular day in the life of a missionary?

In other news, Orangeville's awesome and the Gospel is true!

-Elder Crye

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