Saturday, January 16, 2016

3/16/2015 From Elder Gary Crye

We haven't left the apartment very often these last few weeks, so there isn't a whole lot to report as far as our proselyting efforts go. Somehow, people still come to us though. We have 3 progressing investigators from member referrals that we see regularly. Apart from that, we don't see many people right now. I've been doing a whole lot of scripture study and prayer these last few weeks.

I'm alive and well. :)

Thank you for your thoughts and love. I love you too!

I've spent a lot of time on my knees this week. I listened to a talk wherein the speaker was talking about what makes "Mormons" different, and really what makes him different. He related an experience from his missionary days that he was reading in his handbook, back before the handbook was standardized around the world. In his mission's version of the handbook, under the section of morning prayer, it invited missionaries to pray *until* they feel the Spirit. Not just pray for it, but pray until you feel it, pleading with the Lord and humbling yourself. His handbook apparently quoted Wilford Woodruff, who gave that instruction. The speaker mentioned that he's been following that practice ever since. I put that into effect and wow, there was definitely a difference in the quality of my morning prayers. 

With love,
Elder Crye

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