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8/24/2015 From Elder Gary Crye

We're emailing from the Orangeville chapel this week, instead of from the library. They have a laptop here that was being repaired. Now we're in the clerk's office, using their desktop and that laptop.

On Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 11:34 AM, Caralee Crye <> wrote:

Dear Elder Gary Crye!

I hope all is going good in the mission field. Brother Almond is thrilled with the news that you found one of his former investigators. Keep us updated with what is going on with you and your companion.
 The work has been going well. We found this guy named Connor on the street and talked to him for a bit. After our discussion, he said he would be cool with us coming by and talking with him some more. When we came to his house a couple days later for the appointment, it seemed no one was there. As we were leaving, he walked up. We met with him on his side porch. It turns out that he had done some research on Awesome! He asked us about the Book of Mormon and we quickly gave him one. It was a great lesson. 

   Our Tuesday this week was quite busy. We started it off by helping some members do some moving. The beginning wasn't too bad, but when steep stairs came into play, it got a little tougher. By the end of it all we were quite sweaty and tired. After having a good lunch with them, we went to another member's house and helped her paint some of the ceilings in her new home. We did a couple of rooms and we had to depart fairly quickly because we had an appointment shortly thereafter. We ran home, quickly showered, and made it just in time. And it was a great visit. It was busy but good.

The rest of the week was also pretty good. We had an interesting meeting with the Mission President and the rest of the zone this week, where we're changing quite a few things we do in the mission to have a more member-oriented proselyting program.

We had stake conference over the weekend. The theme on Saturday centered on Ward and Family Councils. This seems to be a continuation from the last stake conference a few months ago.  Sunday's conference had a technical glitch. The two satellite buildings (ours and another ward building to the North) were unable to access the intranet to contact the Stake center. We had so much trouble as apparently the church server was down (according to the high councilman).  We (and the North building as well), sang songs and shared testimonies while we waited patiently. After one hour, we finally made connection through, I believe Skype, or something similar, to the Stake center. The sound quality was horrible as we dropped frequently, even though we could somewhat see (there was also visual static). Nevertheless, we were able to get most of what is going on for the final hour.  Basically, there were nine speakers (we missed half of them in the first hour). Funny, but when we finally made connection, it was at the time when our own Sister Bullock was speaking.

We have Stake Conference here on Sept. 12th. I'll let you know how it goes. :)
One of the high council suggested we (from both buildings) could move over to the Stake center, but another from the high council said "there is no room at the Inn".  Some left early for home before the first hour was over. The rest of us who waited and stayed had an enjoyable time singing and listening to testimonies.  Wonderful impromptu meeting the first hour.

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