Saturday, January 16, 2016


  [Caralee Crye wrote:]
  Dear Elder Gary Crye,
  I hadn't realized that today [10/12/2015] is Thanksgiving in Canada!  Hope you're enjoying that day too!  Is it a       big day there in Canada as it is for USA in November? How different is celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving when   compared with Thanksgiving in USA?

It's a pretty big day. Here, the snow comes and the harvest season ends a little earlier than in the US, so they have Thanksgiving a little earlier. They celebrate it on Monday. Schools are out for the day. People sort of celebrate it all through the weekend, and tend to have a large dinner with family/friends at some point over the weekend. It's a little different in that Thanksgiving isn't the kickoff to Christmas season in Canada. Instead, it's a little strange since some people have Thanksgiving/fall decorations and others have Halloween stuff up. Also, it doesn't coincide with any large fall/winter break - back home we tend to get several days off for Thanksgiving. They just get a slightly longer weekend here.

The meal's pretty much the same - turkey, sometimes ham, with lots of potatoes, stuffing, yams, rolls, salads, etc.

Several of the families in the area where I'm at have cabins further up north that they take off to on weekends like Thanksgiving.

Many people up here also celebrate US Thanksgiving, though they don't get time off for it. Black Friday's pretty big too (after US Thanksgiving, not Canadian Thanksgiving).

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