Saturday, January 16, 2016

6/8/2015 From Elder Gary Crye

One of our investigators (League of Legends girl) was confirmed this week, and we had several investigators at church to witness it. S and J (the Native Americans) attended with their daughter and some of S's siblings. (She's the oldest, her mother lives a few doors away.) Seems they all had a great time. Similarly, a couple of our other investigators showed up! It was a sweet week seeing people out to sacrament meeting, getting closer to their Savior.

The Native American couple is taking off to S's reservation for a few weeks this Wednesday. That complicates things slightly, but gives them plenty of time to do some reading.

We had an interesting experience praying about who to visit and then tracting nearby. We knocked on a nearby door, and this older woman immediately offered to let us in for tea. Let's be honest - that almost never happens. We asked if there was another male in the house. She said there was. So, we joined her... plus her entire Pentecostal family and a few friends for some crackers and water. Her husband's the pastor. Super nice guy. We answered some basic doctrinal questions and testified of Christ. Then, we had the opportunity to teach about the necessity of prophets and apostles in Christ's church and to testify of priesthood authority being restored to the earth. The Spirit was definitely there. They invited us to join them at Wendy's this Wednesday after one of their services. Not quite sure if they're actually investigating yet.

I'm alive and well. :)

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