Saturday, January 16, 2016

6/15/2015 From Elder Gary Crye - Photo

I've got a picture for you this week!

Here's us and several of our friends after playing basketball last Friday.  
Pictured, across the top from left to right: Sis. Kim, Marcus, Paul, Bubba, Bro. Graham, Bro. Kim, Bro. Moroz, me, Elder Nugent, Elder Lau. 
Bent down: Elder Kendell
On the floor: Caleb

​I'm doing pretty well. We just got transfer calls (or the lack thereof) last night. I'm staying here in Windsor, Ontario with Elder Nugent. No change.

This week was rough as far as missionary work goes. It was really hard to make stuff happen. Not entirely sure why that was. It just feels that not a whole lot happened this week. We dropped a few investigators, one dropped us, and a few asked to meet sometime the following week. We found some new investigators, then took off to other missionaries' areas to help them do the same. Helping some people move also took up a decent chunk of our time. It was pretty slow. None of our investigators showed up to church, so that was disappointing. The Native American couple's out of town - to the reservation. A Vietnamese investigator is being lazy, even though he knows what we share is true. These two brothers that are progressing really nicely also have their own church; they're still figuring out what God wants them to do.

Paul (pictured) will be baptized in about a week!

Thanks for the update on everybody.
With love,
Elder Crye

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