Saturday, January 16, 2016

10/13/2015 Second post

Hello. Greetings from up North.

This last week's been pretty good. Filled with small miracles.

Monday, this nice fellow walked into the chapel asking some questions about our church. For whatever reason, a seminary teacher was still hanging around the chapel, so he gave the guy our contact info and got some of his. Later that day, we got in touch with him and set up a time to meet. It's awesome when people find us instead of us finding them. :)

Wednesday, we went on exchanges with some of the Elders in Newmarket. Elder Anderson stayed in Orangeville while I joined Elder Christensen in Newmarket and his companion worked with mine. We spent the day teaching a lot of people about family history and helping them use FamilySearch and Ancestry. It was nice - I've used FamilySearch quite a bit, but haven't used Ancestry nearly as much as Elder Christensen evidently has. It was a good learning opportunity. Over in Newmarket, they have several people that are preparing to attend the temple with their own family names.

Thursday, we met up with an investigator (person learning about the church) that originally didn't think she'd ever be able to give up smoking. She's been smoking for 42 years. Heavily. Nowadays, she's down to a couple cigarettes a day and quit entirely for a day until she relapsed back up to a couple/day. No big deal. We just get back up and try again. The Book of Mormon is powerful. I love that we're able to promise people that if they make a consistent effort to read from the Book of Mormon and do things like pray to invite the Spirit into their life, everything else will fall into place. You'll find the strength to overcome addictions. She's having a great time at church too.

Yesterday, we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving - much like Thanksgiving in the US, but on a Monday in October. A family in the ward invited us over, along with inviting over two other families. It felt a lot like home with all the extended family getting together. We had all sorts of stuff: turkey, potatoes, candied yams (This time, with pecans/brown sugar instead of marshmallows. 10/10. Would recommend), and pie. Aww yeah.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect, and it works!

-Elder Crye

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