Saturday, January 16, 2016


I'm alive and well. Looks like I'll be staying in Windsor to see the Independence Day celebrations across the river.

This week, we had a really good lesson with D, an investigator that we've only been teaching for about 2 weeks now. She seemed to understand the 10 Commandments fairly well before we even started teaching her - what interested her was simply the fact that we taught about Jesus. She works at a casino on Sundays and told us upfront that she really needed more of the Lord in her life. Earlier this week, we taught about the Plan of Salvation. It was awesome helping her understand why commandments really matter. 

We had a really spiritual experience where a member was testifying of acting on faith and she felt strongly impressed to leave her job. That was intense. She has two young children and there's no father in the home. Following Christ is always worth it. He always provides a way to keep the commandments. I definitely know that's true.

Elder Crye

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