Monday, January 12, 2015

Transfer 4, Week 2 - In which we had a great time as a trio

This week was pretty sweet.

We had a great week bringing souls to Christ. Talking to everyone and dedicating time to finding new, interested people to teach brings blessings. I want to relate an interesting experience we had.

We were knocking the door of this lady, A, who had expressed interested in learning more about the Restored Gospel. Suddenly, out comes this 25-year old lady, L. She tells us that A isn't home - she's just the dog walker. We shook her hand, introduced ourselves, and explained that we're missionaries. She initially responded something like, "Oh, cool," and started to keep going. We then briefly taught a bit about our Father in Heaven and bore testimony of Jesus Christ. Something changed. She then mentioned that we could swing by when she got home at 5. We did, and we were welcomed in graciously. Then, suddenly, out came her mother, B. B briefly asked us who we were. "Missionaries from the Church of" - she cut us off and said one word, "OUT." Honestly, it was practically a home invasion. 4 unknown men in her house. The situation got pretty awkward, especially for the member we brought with us. L pleaded for us to stay. Silence. After about 5 seconds, one of my companions mentioned that we'd only be there for about 10 minutes. B reluctantly pulled out some chairs, and sat in. We went through a solid "How to Begin Teaching" - explain our purpose, etc., and their expressions changed dramatically. We then taught about the Restoration. B explained that she'd never been baptized and said she'd like that. Both accepted baptism. Right before we could invite them to church, they asked if they could attend church with us. They attended and loved it.

On an unrelated noted, I think it's funny how some dogs here are covered in coats that make them look like marshmallows.

-Elder Crye

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