Monday, January 5, 2015

Transfer 4, Week 1 - In which there was a car accident

This week was pretty eventful.

Spoiler alert: I've been transferred for the first time now.

Over in the Heart Lake South proselyting area in Brampton, Elder Johnson from Eagle Mountain, Utah joined Elder Smith and me. Those were some good times. It was interesting - his teaching style was in almost perfect harmony with ours just to begin with. There were certainly a few pauses and such that we needed to work out, but our teaching went really smoothly. To use a cliche from The District, we taught a lesson this week that was "200% by the Spirit." It was with a lady named L, whom we had contacted about two months ago. We had taught her a pretty solid 5 minute Restoration (as best you can on the bus), but never really had a return appointment, just contact information. She had mentioned that she was pretty busy until New Years. Well, this week, while visiting with a less-active sister (who we wouldn't have really been able to teach very easily if we weren't in a trio), we got referred to her friend... L. We joined the less-active sister to visit L and set up an appointment. Then, the following night, we taught an awesome lesson to L and her family where the less-active bore powerful testimony of the First Vision. It was so sweet.

Being able to set up that lesson was quite possibly the reason I was in Heart Lake for just this week. I was the one that had originally contacted L. Having the trio for at least that week made teaching the less-active much easier. Then, having L see so many familiar faces definitely helped her receive the Gospel. Her and her husband have accepted baptismal dates, pending that they get an answer to their prayers about the Restoration, of course. We're stoked.

Meanwhile, the Bowmanville Elders got their car rear-ended. The missionaries have a system called Tiwi that monitors aggressive driving, etc. on a scale of green/yellow/red. The driver over in Bowmanville, had previously been "yellow-dotted" due to numerous potholes over in Timmins (far north, Ontario) so the collision triggered the Tiwi and tipped him over the balance to become "red-dotted" and thus banned from driving for now. ... So I've been shipped off to Bowmanville to find, teach, baptize, get people to the temple, and drive while I'm at it.

My ex-companions over in Heart Lake were doing well last I heard of them. They've been serving around a lot of the same Elders, so they bonded pretty quickly. Here in Bowmanville, my companions and I are also doing well. Elders Scott and Carullo had a chiropractor visit this morning. They both seem unscathed, but it's good to know that the Church watches out for missionaries here in Canada. I'm looking forward to driving here, outside of Brampton and its crazy drivers. I've only been here a day, so there's not a whole lot to report yet. 

Attached is a selfie in the library with my two new companions in Bowmanville. Unfortunately, I don't really have any pictures with Elder Johnson. Bowmanville is over by Oshawa, Ontario.

For the record, Bowmanville gets quite a bit more snow than Brampton.

-Elder Crye

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