Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

Our zone together at the recent Zone Conference. We coordinated colors. Hopefully you recognize me in the back. I have my right arm around Elder Smith - he's to the left in the photo.

Our transfers are on Dec. 29/30th. We should be here for Christmas. Yeah, just finished week 4 with Elder Smith.

Umm, honestly things are pretty normal here in Brampton. We see the "celebrities" of the mission all the time - the Mission President, our Stake President, and so forth are often at our ward. The Assistants to the President are in the area right beside us. We got about a foot of snow overnight this week. It's since warmed back up.​

This week was pretty weird though. We had 3 different progressing investigators (people that have been taught several times, have shown up to church, are looking like they might be baptized in the near future) just disappear on us this week. They had no relation to each other whatsoever, but their phones were all disconnected, neighbors haven't seen them, etc. We're very confused.

Another photo taken the morning after that snowfall. By the time we had finished shoveling the driveway, we already had another 2 inches.

Elder Gary Crye

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