Monday, October 6, 2014

Transfer 1, Week 5

He forgot to post this on here last week.


This week, my companionship and I witnessed our first baptism!

It was the wonderful woman we've been teaching to read, and so our story actually begins there. Her name is "Sobriety." For reference, her husband is pretty deaf and his eyesight isn't great, but he can read. Their relationship has historically been loving, but kind of distant.

This week, we read and taught Sobriety the LDS Hymn #308 - "Love One Another". At the end of the lesson, her husband joined us. It was the sweetest thing - we were all able to sing "Love One Another", and we got him to put his arm around her! Her smile was so wide!

Then, on Sunday after church, we held Sobriety's baptismal service. We'll say that everything ran smoothly, because apart from some preparation coming down to the wire, it really did run smoothly. The service itself was amazing. You could really feel the Spirit. Sobriety looked so happy, and the testimonies were great. President and Sister Clayton joined us, so naturally, we asked President Clayton to follow us in bearing testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ while Sobriety changed out of baptismal attire. Following her baptism, we sang "Love One Another" as our closing hymn. I don't think Sobriety saw it coming. Her husband put his arm around her again and she practically started crying. It was the cutest thing!

Man, it's been a great week.

Missionary work is awesome.

PS: Multiple cameras to look at make pictures difficult.

Yours truly,
Elder Crye

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