Monday, September 22, 2014

Transfer 1, Week 4

Hey! I'm glad to hear from all my friends.

It's been a great week. Every week's a great week when you choose to be happy. :)

This week, I want to write about Fernando. He's this very friendly man from Sri Lanka, who has lived in Canada for a while now.

A week or so ago, Fernando approached us, crying about his wife, Pania.

His wife is in New Zealand. She has cancer, and Fernando barely has enough money to pay for her chemotherapy treatments. He's living very humbly right now. He was very worried about her, so we prayed with him that he could be comforted. We also arranged to meet later at the library.

There, he told us all about how the prayer we said with him enabled him to sleep well that night for the first night in weeks. He mentioned how he goes through bouts of anxiety and depression from worrying about his wife, Pania, but that our prayer enabled him to find peace.

We sent missionaries to his wife in New Zealand, using the form. They successfully contacted her and gave her a blessing, with Fernando on the phone to translate. He explained how it was a deeply spiritual experience for both him and Pania. His wife was formerly Buddhist, but ever since that blessing, she wants to become a Christian. Fernando mentioned how his wife was able to significantly reduce the amount of pain medications she was taking since the blessing. Wow. He thanked us profusely and wants us to baptise him and his wife. He says he's had a lot less worry since we've come into his life.

Christ's Atonement is powerful. The priesthood power of God allows us to help others. I know it.


Here's a picture from the conference where we met and learned from Elder Craig A. Cardon, of the Seventy. I'm in the top row, on the far right of the picture. I just don't have enough time to write about that too.

-Elder Crye

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